Time To Heal - Never

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Time To Heal - Never

#1 Beitragvon Knox » 14. Mai 2017, 16:01

Am 01. Juli wird die schwedische female-fronted Hardcore-Punk Band Time To Heal ihre selbstbetitelte EP auf Powertrip Records veröffentlichen.
Die Band zur EP und den neuen Song:
“Never” is the fourth track of our upcoming 7″ EP that we’re releasing this summer. Getting these songs recorded took way longer than it should have, so it’s very relieving to finally be able to show everyone what we’ve been up to.

The video is just a classic tour style video containing clips we filmed during our Japan tour earlier this year. We’ve always enjoyed watching tour videos from other bands, so we just decided to make our own. It’s also cool to have this video as a memory of the great times we had over there.

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