MASKED INTRUDER - wechseln zu Pure Noise Records

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MASKED INTRUDER - wechseln zu Pure Noise Records

#1 Beitragvon Knox » 19. April 2016, 15:28

Die Poppunkband MASKED INTRUDER aus Madison, WI wechselt von Fat Wreck zu Pure Noise und wird dort im Sommer eine neue EP veroeffentlichen. Zum Wechsel laesst Intruder Blue verlauten:

"We’re stoked to be working with Pure Noise!! Jake over there is a real cool dude, and we got some cool shit planned, if you know what I mean. Which, you probably don’t, cause we haven’t told you yet.

We would like to take this opportunity to say that any alleged rumors of us being kicked off Fat cause we “allegedly stole” a “bunch of shit” from the “eccentric proprietors of the historic label” are completely and totally unsubstantiated and stupid. We will always love Fat and everyone there, from a distance consistent with the court’s alleged rulings.

Maybe we made the move cause we appreciate the value of unexpected partnerships, on account of our time spent in prison. Or, cause we appreciate the value of staying on the move, on account of our time spent trying to be out of prison. Or maybe cause we figured Pure Noise could use more down picking, overall. Or maybe cause they have a young audience, and young people are much easier to rip off.

Whatever the truth is, the truth is out there, like in that show, with Gillian Anderson. By the way, how does Gillian Anderson keep getting hotter and hotter as she gets older? Is that normal? I mean, in any case, holy shit, right!? Gillian Anderson, if by some miracle you are reading this, please know: if you are ever single, like ever in any part of the future at all, no matter how old you may be at time, hit us up. We would totally date you. Easy. And I’m talking like, do LITERALLY ANYTHING for you type of shit. If you’ve never dated a pop punk band before, you’re definitely not alone. But, you know. Think about it. Love you!”

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