NO USE FOR A NAME - "Rarities"-Compilation

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NO USE FOR A NAME - "Rarities"-Compilation

#1 Beitragvon Knox » 8. August 2017, 20:20

Nach dem tragischen Tod von NO USE FOR A NAME Frontmann Tony Sly vor fuenf Jahren veröffentlicht Fat Wreck Chords mit "Rarities Vol. 1: The Covers" eine Kollektion aller Non-Album-Coversongs, die die kalifornische Skatepunkband je veröffentlicht hatte. Am 11. August erscheint das Album mit dreizehn Coversongs, darunter Originale von MISFITS, SUBLIME, DEPECHE MODE oder KISS.

Von Seiten des ehemaligen Drummers Rory Koff heisst es zum Release:

"Over the years, No Use always had a fun time recording a great cover song. A few of these are masterpieces, with the studio magic of Ryan Greene, such as “Dream Police” by Cheap Trick. Of course, every California punk band MUST do a Misfits cover to honor their roots. We were huge fans and here, we laid down our version of “Hybrid Moments.” The song “Selwyn’s Got a Problem” was for a not-so-major movie—produced by Joe Escalante of The Vandals—called Cake Boy. It was our take on D.I.’s “Johnny’s Got a Problem,” strangely, with Matt Riddle singing instead of Tony Sly. After Bradley Nowell of Sublime passed away, we were asked to do a cover for a tribute comp honoring him. We had a long history of touring and friendship with Sublime and were honored to do the classic song, “Badfish.” The song “Fairytale of New York” is the original version we recorded with Meegan Lair (singer of the San Jose band Soda) on guest vocals. Tony and Chris Shiflett were massive Pogues fans and insisted on recording this song as our tribute to them. We played it all over the world and it became a fan favorite because we always had guest singers. One track in particular was done in one take with no practice: “Beth” by Kiss. You also get to hear two great guitarists in Chris Shiflett and Dave Nassie on this release, along with rare vocals by Matt Riddle. Most importantly, of course, is more Tony Sly! So here you are, the No Use for a Name covers album. Enjoy!"

01: Turning Japanese
02: Hybrid Moments
03: I’ve Heard
04: Selwyn’s Got a Problem
05: Enjoy the Silence
06: Badfish
07: Dream Police
08: Fairytale of New York
09: Making Our Dreams Come True
10: 1945
11: Don’t Cry for Me Argentina
12: The Munsters’ Theme
13: Beth
„Deine Seele gerät in Finsternis“
Das Schmerzmittel Oxycontin hat die Fotografin Nan Goldin fast umgebracht. Nun hat sie den Kampf gegen die Herstellerfirma aufgenommen.

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