DIRECT HIT! / PEARS - Splitalbum im November

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DIRECT HIT! / PEARS - Splitalbum im November

#1 Beitragvon Knox » 22. September 2017, 10:33

DIRECT HIT! / PEARS - Splitalbum im November

Mit PEARS und DIRECT HIT! tun sich zwei der aktuellen Fat Wreck Chords-Speerspitzenbands zusammen und veroeffentlichen am 3. November ihr Splitalbum "Human Movement" auf dem Label des NOFX-Bosses. Auf der Platte gibt es Coverversionen der jeweils anderen Band zu hoeren - aber auch eigene Songs wie die beiden neuen Stuecke "Blood On Your Tongue" von DIRECT HIT! und "Arduos Angel" von PEARS. Beide gibt es unten im Vorabstream.
Nick Woods (DIRECT HIT!) kommentiert:

“We’re really proud of how this record turned out, not only because all the tunes on it are rippers, but because we got to collaborate on it with some of our best friends. Splits like these rarely work with everyone involved playing to the others’ strengths. I’m really glad the stars aligned here in a way where the whole thing came together as a unified release, from one of the coolest record labels in the biz right now.”

Brian Pretus von PEARS:
“We’ve been talking about doing this for a long time, since like one of our first tours, which was with Direct Hit. It’s pretty surreal that we finally got to make it happen, and I couldnt be happier with how both sides of this thing turned out.”


Direct Hit – You Got What You Asked For
Direct Hit – Blood on Your Tongue
Direct Hit – Open Your Mind
Direct Hit – Shifting the Blame
Direct Hit – You’re Boring
Direct Hit – Nothing
PEARS – Hey There, Begonia
PEARS – Mollusk’s Mouth
PEARS – Arduous Angel
PEARS – Misery Conquers the World
PEARS – The World Is Ending (Sorta)
PEARS – Never Now

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