THE LAWRENCE ARMS - Best-Of-Compilation im März

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THE LAWRENCE ARMS - Best-Of-Compilation im März

#1 Beitragvon Knox » 1. Februar 2018, 09:25

THE LAWRENCE ARMS melden sich mit neuem Release zurueck. Die Compilation "We Are The Champions Of The World" enthaelt fuenf neue Songs aus den 2006er Sessions zu "Oh! Calcutta!" und 24 ausgesuchte Stuecke der Punkrockband aus Chicago. Zu den bisher unveroeffentlichten Songs und dem "Versuch" ein Greatest Hits Album zu releasen, erklaert die Band um Brendan Kelly, Chris McCaughan und Neil Hennessy:


“They didn't make the cut because they just didn't fit in the structure of that album, which ended up being very focused and thematic."


"I hadn't heard these songs in over ten years. I'd basically forgotten they existed at all, so listening back to a few of them was initially like stepping into some strange portal—then as soon as I heard them again my memory filled out.”


“I think you have to have hits to make a greatest hits. So we approached the song selection in an attempt to be indicative of our evolution, rather than focus on our 'hits,' of which, frankly, there are none. In the end, I'm super grateful for the collective experience and history of being in this band with two guys I have known forever and love dearly and are my fam. I guess that's what this record kind of means and reaffirms for me.”


"We Are the Champions of the World" Tracklisting:

1. On with the Show
2. Great Lakes/Great Escapes
3. Alert the Audience!
4. 100 Resolutions
5. The Devil’s Takin' Names
6. Beautiful Things
7. Quincentuple Your Money
8. The Slowest Drink at the Saddest Bar on the Snowiest Day in the Greatest City
9. Are You There Margaret? It's Me, God.
10. Right as Rain Part 2
11. Seventeener (17th and 37th)
12. Chapter 13: The Hero Appears
13. The Ramblin' Boys of Pleasure
14. Light Breathing (Me and Martha Plimpton in a Fancy Elevator)
15. Like a Record Player
16. You are Here
17. Boatless Booze Cruise Part 1
18. Brick Wall Views
19. Sixteen Hours
20. Turnstiles
21. An Evening of Extraordinary Circumstance
22. The Northside, the L&L and Any Number of Crappy Apartments
23. Porno & Snuff Films
24. Demons
25. The Rabbit and the Rooster
26. Catalog *
27. Black Snow *
28. Laugh Out Loud *
29. Warped Summer Extravaganza (Turbo Excellent) *

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