KILLING JOKE: Wütendes Statement gegen Diskrimminierung

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KILLING JOKE: Wütendes Statement gegen Diskrimminierung

#1 Beitragvon Knox » 28. Februar 2012, 08:48

Die Altmeister des düsteren Rocks KILLING JOKE melden sich kurz vor dem Release ihre neuen Album mit einem wütenden Statement gegen Diskrimminierung zu Wort.

Auf der Internetseite heißt es:
„Killing Joke have zero tolerance to any way of life that causes harm to others. We honestly cannot believe that in the year 2012 ANYONE would have an issue with people’s sexuality, race or disability.

Killing Joke have always been an instrument designed to poke fun at authority, greed, and stupidity, not to strip people (of any creed or kind) of their dignity.

Without stooping to the level of ‘Some our best friends are gay’ etc, it really shouldn’t come as much surprise to anyone that scrapes below the surface, that this band was born out of countercultural movements (good and bad) and from the kind of clubs where ANY degree of misguided prejudice would have been swiftly dealt with.

The quote that people are getting in a twist about (which will be given no dignity here) was printed uncredited in Zig Zag magazine 27 years ago and even at the time the band denied saying it, following their horror at their recent visit to the death camps that year.

The only group of people that were singled out by the band were the hypocrites of organised religion, made the target of satire on the cover of the singles album ‘Laugh I Nearly Bought One’ which features on the front Catholic dignitaries being Nazi Saluted. This was a comment,again, of the hypocrisy of organised religion.

In summary … if anyone out there thinks that we as a band are homophobic, racist, facist or anything of the sort and feel this is a positive ,the message is ,stay away from us.

Is that clear now?"
This machine you know it don’t kill fascists
This machine just softens what’s hard
This machine it killed the dream of the sixties
This machine you know it’s just a guitar

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